Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tid Bit ~ Flowers

(Photo image #1 courtesy of Amotion Imagery )

It's quite a blessing and a huge benefit that TVS Stylist Mary Araujo* has such an extensive background in horticulture and creating amazing fresh floral pieces that can give colorful life to any event.  So naturally, it's
time that she gives you a few thoughts on one of her favorite subjects ~ Flowers...

(Photo images courtesy of Daniel WIllson Photography)

Flowers are an intricate and complex component of any event.  We completely believe they are necessary at best, setting the mood, ambiance and style!  While many brides and party planners feel that they can take on this task themselves, we recommend hiring professionals with years of experience.  If budget is your concern, share that with your floral designer right away.  there are several options and methods of design that mechanize less fresh product, thus saving on your bottom line.  Trying to make your own centerpieces typically end up with that homemade "look" and ironically can end up costing you more ultimately by not knowing how to buy product in correct amounts and how to store and transport the finished pieces properly.  You may also consequently cause yourself tons of frustration, costing you time, energy and wrinkles!!!  Save yourself the stress...hire a florist!

(Photo images courtesy of Daniel Wilson Photography)

Upon taking our advice, when you schedule your floral consultation, arrive prepared; know your budget, take photos from magazines, or books that you like and already have your venues, gown, bridesmaids gowns and theme chosen.  Designing the floral portion is just like accessorizing an outfit, the staples must be in place!

(Photo images courtesy of Daniel Wilson Photography)

*Mary Araujo is also the floral designer at Stems at the Palatine.

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