Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things We Love ~ I know it's a bit late, but, well ~ anyway!!

Beach weddings have always held a special place in my heart. And for no
particular reason ~ other than the fresh ocean air, the sea breeze blowing
in your face, the romance that lies in every sunset, or sunrise!!

The picture above is from Joshua & Melanie's Wedding in Cambria. Oh what an
adventure we had, and will always remember the fantastic day. One of my
favorite things about this wedding, other than the Groom which I've known
since he was 15!, was that Joshua (and bros) built the arbor out of random drift wood.
How I would love to say that yes, I designed it and built it ~ NOPE! All Joshua! And
he knew exactly what he wanted and how he was going to do it ~ and he did. It
was just perfect! I wish I had a better picture, but I think you can get the idea.

Now, Can I say how darn cute the flowergirl & ring bearer are? Yes, I can ~ and not
just because 1 is my own!! They were perfect and even though the wind was on high,
they stuck it out.

The reception followed at the Cambria Pines Lodge ~ as well as an after party that was exactly what an after party should be! I'll do some searching for more images and share with you later.

Love to you all ~ xoxo

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Wants ~

This weeks wants are not for us persoanlly, otherwise we'd be asking for a few days off!!! To our clients ~ want more from your caterer...ask to have ample amounts of hors d'oeuvres so guests don't feel shorted...