Monday, April 25, 2011

Elisa & Matthew ~ Engagement

The build up is kill'n us!!  We have waited a year and a half for this wedding and it's almost here!!!  We thought we'd share Matt & Elisa's awesome engagement images to hold us over until next weeked! ~ A very big thanks to Ryan at Ryan C. Jones Photography for sharing his art with us.
~ Enjoy...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary Allison & Case

Just wanted to revisit this post from last July, as we approach the 1st anniversary of Allison & Case.  We love this family so very much and can't wait for their new addition to arrive later this year!  April 24, 2010 will be a day The Velvet Society will never forget.  Enjoy...

You all should know by now that a photographer, I am not ~ so even though you got to see pictures that I took shortly after the event, I now have professional images from the talented Daniel Wilson, of Daniel Wilson Photography based out of the San Luis Obispo, CA. area. Daniel and his assistants took some great detail shots and here is a taste of his work and ours ~ looking much better!!!

The wonderful thing about our venue is that the scenery was AMAZING! Take your pick from orchards, trees, lakes or an airplane hanger!
This tree is my favorite!!

You may recognize this ~ we got published in Grace Ormande wedding style online a while back in the Stationary gallery! 

Allison had a fantastic Bridal Party ~ and they were all so much fun!!
Allison will always stay true to her roots. It's just the gal she is ~ UUUHHHHMAZING! Stems at the Palatine did a fantastic job with the floral!
The Bride's Bouquet was perfect, as were all the other floral arrangements. Thanks Stems!!
Close up of the Bridesmaids Bouquets.

Moving onto the reception ~ the food, provided by Slates in Fresno, CA was exceptional!
These Salmon Pops were delicious!

Yes, we had to do the Gourmet Chip & Dip Bar! And, oh my, the homemade chips were a huge hit, and thank goodness Slates was prepared having extra homeade salsas and dips.
Of course if you read the earlier blog (april 2010), you know how much I loved this lemonade stand!
This is my second favorite tree on the property. It helps create a perfect backdrop for any cocktail hour.
Croquet anyone? Lawn games are a must when you have this much space and over 20 children! And just for the record ~ The "kids table" was set properly for 18 ~ I didn't hear or see any of them all night!!! They were perfect!!!

Hey now, the kids can't have all the fun! A little game of dice on the cocktail tables can sure keep things interesting!

Oh oh ooooohhhhhh ~ The Gourmet Burger Bar ~ FANTASTIC!!! Slates nailed it. Not your typical steak and pilaf with seasonal veggies, that's for sure!!!
Can't have a Gourmet Burger without Grourmet Buns!!! ;)
Salad Station
Town & Country had the perfect pin tuck linen that gave us the texture we needed for the tables.
Done taking a walk with the Cana Video Productions. You'll see more of that another day!
For additional space, we put a 40x120 tent up next to the hanger ~ worked out great for the band as well as additional guests.
The Lighting, provided by Media Solutions, Inc. in Fresno, CA., rocked my sox off ! Once the sun had set, it looked like a completly different venue. The lighting was perfect and I can't thank Vinnie & Morgan enough for another perfect job!
Ok, a bit hard to tell ~ but we did it AGAIN! The dance floor ~ it's grass! And my favorite quote of the day, coming from the Bride's Brother "this is bad-a$$". LOVE it!
The Zippers kept the vibe mov'n all night long!

Ending the night the right way ~ The Taco Truck arrived and was a blessing to us all! Nothing like a midnight snack!!!
Love this in color....
and Black & White!