Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jordan & Mark ~ Almost here!!!

 Preparations for the wedding of Jordan and Mark have been so much fun for us.  This sweet couple and their amazing families have been a complete joy to work with.  We all know that working with nice people makes any job better ~ and easier ~ but working with families that are genuinely true and with hearts of gold makes us love what we do so much more.

With one engagement session cancelled due to the rain, Jordan and Mark were set and ready for the next scheduled session.  Holy Hail ~ guess what?  A HUGE ~ as in HAIL the size of quarters ~ storm rolls in the day of their second scheduled shoot.  But, it was happening.  And that's that!  With a little ~ oh begging might be the right word ~ persuasion, we convinced Ryan (the Ryan C Jones that is) that it it was going to stop raining ~ I mean pouring ~ and everything ~ meaning his equipment/cameras ~ would be just fine.

They may have had a few sprinkles left by the time they got out to their destination, and a lot ~ I saw the truck ~ A LOT of mud, but the skies cleared enough for them to have an amazing shoot.  I think that Ryan nailed it once again and gave this couple some gorgeous images.

Please enjoy ~ and look forward to seeing images of Jordan and Mark's wedding very soon!

( I love clouds!!  This is my second fav!)

(I may love trees and sunlight even more ~ so this is my fav!)

Thank you Ryan C Jones Photography not only for capturing our clients most important day, but for sharing with us!

~ xoxo