Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday ~ Things We Love

We love spending time (especailly an extra day!) with our families after events and also taking time to reflect on the past event and critiquing anything to improve.

Enjoy your week! xoxo

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday ~ Things We Love

Things We Love ~ Having Credit Card Authorization to get things done! Expedites ordering and simplifies hassle of final payments!

Allison & Case's Mo'Rock'n Wedding

We have fallen in love with The Dias Family. I don't even know where or how to begin to explain how amazing this family is. I just know that I am a better person now that I know such wonderful, loving people.
Ok, enough mushy stuff ~ on to the details.....
After much anticipation on the"Hanger" event, the day arrived for the 4 day production to start and guess what..... it started raining!!! I have to give many props to the guys at Walker-Lewis Rents because they did not let a small thing like what seemed to be a monsoon stop them or slow them down. They were soaked to the bone by the time thier 10 hour day was up, only to come back the next day and start again with the other 3 tents!!! Janice from Town & Country had linens made for the event that we knew would be perfect ~ and they were!! We were fortunate to have Stems deliver the floral pieces early so that we could get a jump on hanging the reverse centerpieces. Hahaha ~ I said "we"! Well, Morgan and Vinnie of Media Solutions, Inc. actually took that job over. I think the thought of me up on a 20 foot genie lift gave them a bit of a scare! I could've done it!!! Really!! This concept was very exciting for us and we were super stoked at the opportunity to finally do a true reverse centerpiece. Sure you can hang things from the ceiling, but this was much more more than that and looked amazing! To mirror the reverse centerpieces and add more dimension to the 11,000 square feet of space, Stems used the tall square vases with Manzanita and fresh floral on alternating tables along with short square vases with a fantastic mix of spring blooms.
I think the anticipation of Slates dinner helped keep us motivated. Once the table scaping began, we knew it was going to look just as good as thier food would taste. The presentation was perfect! We were priveledged to work with new vendors ~ photograper Daniel Wilson Photography and videographers Ben & Drew of Cana Video Productions. Both are from the San Luis Area, and wow are they talented. Here are some of the pictures that I took from my phone ~ reminding you that I am not a professional photographer!!! Oh, and The Dessert Table pic is from The Dotted Apron. I hope you get the idea of how fantastic this event was! Enjoy!

Ariel view of airplane hanger

Inside hanger ~ freshly waxed floor

Tents getting on...

Tents up, rain's coming down!

Tables and chairs dropped in about 20 min!!

Testing the lights on Day 3 MSI nailed it!

No fresh yet, still looks so cool!

Love this swirl pattern

And the fresh just added the perfect flare

Final touches ~ Getting there!

Love the pin tuck linen that T&C had made for the event

Stems used quite the finesse getting the floral up!

Staging for The Zippers who ROCKED the house! Oh and yes,
we did it again. The grass dance floor was a hit!!!!

Slates presentation of the Hor's was fantastic. They backed
it up with an array of incredible tasting food!
Gourmet Chip Bar ~ Oh yeah!

My fav lemonade stand to date! Oh, and Slate's added fresh
Blueberries in the mason jars for extra flare!!

The dessert table was a HUGE hit! The Dotted Apron outdid
themselves! Yum-meeee!!

A fun little detail ~ menu boards! Best Gourmet Burger Bar ~ EVER!!!

Even with last minute changes, Exclusive Creations came through
with another great seating chart.

And to end the night, the Taco Truck! Boy did we need that!!!
See you after our next event!!!

~ XOXO ~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Katherine & Gary

Thank you to Amotion Imagery for all these images!

Cocktail Table Floral Piece

Another great Bridal Bouquet from Mary

The bride wanted a self created swag barn. After 3 days of pounding 20 ft telephone poles into the ground, Town & Country was able to add swag to create a micro environment that was just perfect!

Katherine glowed all day. Such a beautiful bride.
The aisle stantions and hanging tree lanterns were a great addition.

The programs hung perfectly from a ribbon on the guests seats.

Yay! The KettleKorn was so YUMMY!!!

The Bridal Bouquet
Swag ~ Town & Country Party Rentals
And of course Mary had to add floral and fresh sugar coated fruits

MSI hooked up the lighting ~ overhead and along perimeters

We love outdoor events!

These were tall stantions that we filled and then added uplighting.

Autumn is our favorite time of year to create events for. The colors are fantastic! And you really have no limitations on creativity. October of 2008 was a very busy month for Mary and I, and it started with an amazing bride and her family. Our challenges were plenty. The venue was her family's home and property out in the country about an hour from where we are. But she lived in Arizona! Thank goodness for the email and texting!!

After months of planning many, many details, we were good to go ~ and then the weather report came in. For 10 days out, we watched it almost hourly as the forecast kept changing. Well, let's just say that production was delayed and a few things got wet. As we were working on Plan B (about noon on wedding day) the sun came out and it stopped raining. Yes, back to Plan A. It's what Katherine wanted. Everyone thought I was absolutely nuts!!!! Well, tell me something I don't already know!!! I've never seen so many people running with tables in hand to get them back to the original layout. Thank goodness we had a team of vendors that really worked well together and helped everyone out to make it happen. The event was gorgeous! I wish I had better detail images to show you, but we were a bit busy to stop and snap pictures that day!

I had several favorites from this event ~

The Gormet Smore's Bar! Yummy!!!

The KettleKorn bags for the guest to enjoy before the ceremony.

The Centerpieces were one of my favorite yet. Mary did an amazing job on them - I don't have one to show you now, but I know I will soon!!!

The emblem that was created and used for the invitation carried over to be used on the chocolate favor bar, the banner flags posted along the perimeter of the reception area and all entrances, as stickers for the KettleKorn bags. and the water bottle labels as well as a few other spots. However much it was used, it was very subtle and not overdone.

The carriages that transported guests to the river where the ceremony was taking place.

The family ~ I see a trend with us and our "bride families"!!! I guess we just really love families that have unconditional love for one another.....

See you next time!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday ~ Things We Love

Things We Love ~ When seating chart assignments are complete more than a week out!!! FAN-FLIPP'N-TASTIC!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Boy!!!

I love finding a ribbon I like and creating an entire event from it!!!
Dana helped me out with the flowers ~ Love Awesome Blossoms!!!
And the perfect linen from Town & Country!

Debbie at Barb's Cakery did a great job on the cake!

Fun Baby Shower pictures that I just found from about 4 or 5 years ago!

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Wild" Baby Shower

Floral ~ Stems at the Palatine

Cupcakes & Pops ~ Frosted
We also had an ice cream sundae bar and cookies! Yummy!!

I think the Lollipops were my favorite!!!!

The Centerpieces doubled as game prizes!

Stems at the Palatine

We couldn't be happier for Angela & Jeff, who are expecting TWINS!!!! Yay! After talkng to Angela about the nursery, and some of the decor and colors she was using, I decided that this shower needs to be very unique and not your typical pink or blue or use a soft color pallette at all. The results ~ fun and festive! Take a peek!