Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flowers & Showers

On top of preparing for A Taste of RiverPark last weekend, Mary was busy at Stems with creating beautiful floral pieces for a baby shower that was taking place at Slates Restaurant
Fun swirl pattern in the linen from Town & Country Party Rentals

Hydrangea, Orchids & Roses!  Classy, sassy & fun!!!
Thanks for the pix Colter!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Things We Love

While we try to gather pictures of the amazing fashion show that went down Saturday night at A Taste of RiverPark, I thought I'd share with you my dessert I had yesturday!!  If you know me, you know that I think dessert should be considered a meal and acceptable at anytime of the day!
WHAT IS IT???  Well, It's Chocolate covered bacon, with walnuts!!  We've heard all kinds of good hype about Eureka Burger that has just recently opened, so decided it was about time to get in there and check it out.  Yep!  Good eats!  I'm not a big hamburger fan, but can appreciate a good go.  I had the Turkey Cobb Burger and it was really good!  Kinda surprised myself that I ate an entire half!  What surprised me even more was that my 12 yr old ate his entire Cowboy Burger and loved it!!!  Now that's a good sign!!
Now back to my dessert ~ it was SO GOOD!!  I was pleasantly surprised and oh so happy I tried it!!!  Come on, you've gotta give it a go, and let me know what ya think!! They're located at Palm/Nees in the GB3 shopping center.
We'll get pix and info up soon on the event from RiverPark. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Culinary Smarts: 8 things you must know before hiring a caterer! {part 1}

Culinary Smarts: 8 things you must know before hiring a caterer! {part 1}

It's so true how couples just hire a caterer without really discussing what is important to them. This article I came across is one to pay attention to people! One of the biggest pains we've had in past events have come from unprofessional catering.
Some of my catering pet peeves ~
Frozen food ~ or even a bad choice of quality can taste frozen even if prepared well.
Just hired temps! ~ Can you (caterers) at least interview who you're sending to work an event?
Caterer's who think the show is about them ~ really, we're all busy in this industry, but a return phone call might be helpful so that you know what else is happening! Open communication is KEY! Believe it or not, there are others who can and will do what you're doing and maybe even better, so get off your high horse's and realize that every event needs your special attention that there is no "hero status" to be declared in an event.

Anyway, please click on the link above and have a good read ~ then really think about what matters and really how important your catering is to your event and how much of a reflection it has on you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tid Bit ~ Flowers

(Photo image #1 courtesy of Amotion Imagery )

It's quite a blessing and a huge benefit that TVS Stylist Mary Araujo* has such an extensive background in horticulture and creating amazing fresh floral pieces that can give colorful life to any event.  So naturally, it's
time that she gives you a few thoughts on one of her favorite subjects ~ Flowers...

(Photo images courtesy of Daniel WIllson Photography)

Flowers are an intricate and complex component of any event.  We completely believe they are necessary at best, setting the mood, ambiance and style!  While many brides and party planners feel that they can take on this task themselves, we recommend hiring professionals with years of experience.  If budget is your concern, share that with your floral designer right away.  there are several options and methods of design that mechanize less fresh product, thus saving on your bottom line.  Trying to make your own centerpieces typically end up with that homemade "look" and ironically can end up costing you more ultimately by not knowing how to buy product in correct amounts and how to store and transport the finished pieces properly.  You may also consequently cause yourself tons of frustration, costing you time, energy and wrinkles!!!  Save yourself the stress...hire a florist!

(Photo images courtesy of Daniel Wilson Photography)

Upon taking our advice, when you schedule your floral consultation, arrive prepared; know your budget, take photos from magazines, or books that you like and already have your venues, gown, bridesmaids gowns and theme chosen.  Designing the floral portion is just like accessorizing an outfit, the staples must be in place!

(Photo images courtesy of Daniel Wilson Photography)

*Mary Araujo is also the floral designer at Stems at the Palatine.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Revision ~ I read this article ~ Newbie "Wedding Planners" Plague the Professionals

I Just read this article ~ (link is below) was posted quite some time ago, but am reminded everyday of this ongoing issue. How terrible to call it a battle, but when you have put in the back breaking time and effort, I think you have a right to stand up and tell others "WTH do you think you're doing!!!!"

I understand that this is a profession that will never stop growing, and I thank God for that. But the up and coming need to realize that they need to show some respect and smart business sense OF THE PROFESSION!! Trying to lower the standard and our worth is going to get you burried.  Willingness to put in the time & effort with an open mind and learn that this business is not a big party, but real work, to stand the test of time.

I'm amazed by the creative talent that is surrounding us and seriously hope that this industry will continue to grow creatively and possitively.  There is so much room for growth and the with the help of all the creative geniuses out there, who wouldn't want to be part of it?  I see so many facets that just weren't there 20 years ago.  Yay!  It's only made my job more meaningful and more fun!  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a playground full of fabrics and lights and feathers and flowers.  And it's cool.

I am still excited everyday that I am a part of the wedding and event industry and feel blessed. I get giddy before an event like I can't help but to laugh and sing!!! We build such close relationships with our clients that when it's over, my heart hurts that I won't be #1 on thier speed dial. I love when a new idea is being worked out and you can see the excitement in a bride's eyes with a look of "can we really do that?" I love when a Father dances with "his" little girl and isn't afraid to break down and SOB!  Or when you get so close to a family that you automatically have Sunday supper on your calendar for the next year. 
So, to everyone new to the industry, the absolute best of luck to you all ~ seriously.  But please respect the position you're in and never, never think you know it all. Learn something new from each event. Take the time to learn a caterer's job, a rental companies job, a florist job. It's tough, and if you don't know how they function, you're gonna have a pretty hard time with that itinerary of yours!!!

Newbie "Wedding Planners" Plague the Professionals

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday Things We Love

Ok, so it's Tuesday, but it was a very busy weekend and we did work on Monday, which was a holiday, so I'm sure you can forgive us!!!

Sunday was a true celebration ~ 90 fabulous years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And it was celebrated in true Italian style.  The vendor team on this event was none other than the amazing Mary Araujo, (TVS), Slates Restaurant, Stems at the Palatine, Walker-Lewis, The Linen Shoppe & The Pantages Company.
Enjoy the photos and try not to get too hungry!!!
What a view!!!

Seating for 92 please!
What a table!
Uber fun Kids Table!
Flowers & Fruit!
Don't forget the wine!
YUM!  Antipasta station!
Italian Breadsticks
Slates Restaurants Pastry Chef nailed the Italian dessert station.
Refreshing on a hot summer day!

Slates Restaurant really rocked this event!  Great job on the complete design Mary!!!