Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shanny Rocks!!!

A quick little Thursday shout-out!!

We have to give major props for a Rockstar, I mean Graphic Artist we call Shanny!  She has really come through for us is so many different ways and we are truly grateful for all of her efforts working with us on the UCSF Fresno Valley Visions event.  She has made this process so simple.  Originally from Fresno, she now lives in Northern California with her family.  Thanks to modern technology, that I know very little about and she knows lots, we have been able to create what we need long distance. 
If you're in need of some creative help ~ Shanny is your go-to gal!  Seriously! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Passport to the Valley

We are getting very excited for the upcoming UCSF Valley Visions event on May 21, 2011!!  We've added a little something extra to this years event ~ Passport to the Valley.  Since the Central Valley area is rich with local flavor, we have decided to showcase a few of these establishments who have been so very generous to donate their time and product to this event. Don't miss your opportunity to sample the goodness!  Here are just a few of the vendors so far that are bringing you ~ a Passport to the Valley!

There's more vendors coming so we'll be sure to update as best we can.  There are only 250 Passports available, so don't miss out!  Invitations for Valley Visions are being mailed out in 2 weeks!  If you are not sure if you're on the mailing list, just contact us and we'll make sure you get yours!  Sponsorships are still available!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrate....The Love of Wine.

Event Profile: Celebrate....The Love of Wine.

We don't generally post other professionals events ~ but this is too gorgeous not to! Sasha Souza of Sparkliatti is amazing! And the photos by Damion Hamilton show the great detail!


New Service Offered

Are you so excited about being engaged that you feel lost? Do you need a headstart in the right direction?  Are you looking for valuable information in a short amount of time?  Do you need some creative design help?  Are you the bride that never really dreamed about her wedding and now it's upon you and you're overwhelmed?  Do yo have a budget to stick to and need help figuring out how to squeeze it all in?  Well, eloping is NOT the answer!!! 

We've just updated our consultation package and it's a huge hit. 

Extensive Consultation & Design ~ $550

3 Hour Planning Meeting
 ~ Budget Analysis
 ~ Vendor Referral
 ~ Contract Review
 ~ Details
 ~ Layout
 ~ Itinerary & Timeline Composition
 ~ Decor & Design Points ~ Including Color Palette & Scaping

To schedule your Extensive Consultation & Design appointment, contact Mary@thevelvetsoceity or Shelli@thevelvetsociety right away. We look forward to starting you on the right path of planning your wedding.

Ahh, just a note ~ this package can be designed for corporate events as well!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Springtime DIY

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of working with a bride familiar to the event industry and a creative one at that!  We don't often have clients that are "DYI" gals.  Check out the pictures and see the darling table numbers that the bride assembled and painted herself along with the seating chart.  The tables were adorned with beautiful springtime flowers made by Amy at Brown Bunny Floral.

Now let's talk sweets!  Sweet Dreams delivered a beautiful 3 tier cake, regardless of their issues with the weather and power outages and double digit feet of snow this last week.  Thanks for coming through!  Anyone here in the Central Valley knows that springtime in the valley means Girl Scout Cookies!!!  So our bride, who is obviously a huge supporter, gave us 4 cases of cookies to set out.  Thank you Janice at Town & Country for letting us use your silver platters!!!  The kids loved the brides special thoughtfulness of adding the candy necklaces and bracelets and the colorful beaded necklaces to the table as well.

The Grand is such a beautiful venue to have events and we love to work there.  Crystal ~ you rock and Roz ~ girl, love being part of a team with you!!!!

A big thank you to the Grand Occasions staff who brought their "A" game to the event!  We asked, they delivered.  Always good to know that the caterers are team players!

Nick from AMS kept the dance floor rock'n!  This group was definitely the dancing type and boy did they tear it up!

We felt priveledged to work with photographer Aubrey Joy Johnson and are very excited to see her images.  We'll be sure to share once we see them!

Congratulations to Monique and Brian ~ we hope that your journey together is everything you've dreamed.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There are times when you find the absolute perfect piece to your design.  Well, this is our perfect piece for an upcoming event and I just couldn't wait to share!!!!  I feel like a kid with a secret bubbling inside!!!

You'll have to wait for the rest of it, and it will definitely be worth it!!!  All details for this event will be posted the beginning of May!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Robert Kalt

At the end of an event, we are just beat, totally exhausted and starving! The last thing we really want to do is worry about who is taking what and wondering where the left overs are going. We have been very blessed to work with some amazing vendors that also see the need to reuse and recycle ~ that will deliver flowers to homes and hospitals ~ that will take left over food to shelters. I just read this article that Colin Cowie has posted and love to hear that there's an actual company that will come and take care of this need. Robert Kalt is a good man and I applaude him! Make sure you click on the "more about Robert Kalt" link once you get to the article. Thanks to Colin for letting us all know about this wonderful man and service.  And to also remind us of our responsiblities in this industry to do our part.

Robert Kalt

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Healthier way to Shop

So I've been listening to many of our clients and members of their Bridal Parties discuss their diet plans, etc. for the upcoming events. The word dieting is just a turn off, period. So when I read this article this morning, I felt it was light and had some good points and can probably help those who are looking for the healthier alternative to dieting.
Check out the link below and cheers to a healthier you!!

7 Worst Supermarket Rip-Offs