Monday, April 23, 2012

{Tip of The Day}

Salmon or Steak....
....Chicken or Scampi?

Are these really the foods you desire on your wedding day? Of course there are venues that have a select menu that you have to ‘abide’ by. What do you really want….

I had been in Monterey California for valentines one year. As we tried to get a reservation on the water, we realized every place was booked. Walking up to our last resort before McDonalds… it had a good menu, had good reviews… O, and an open table, sounded perfect. It was the best meal ever! Well, at least most memorable. Memorable enough for us to go back to that same place, just to have that same dish every year. I’m not talking about a steak, not talking about an overly sauced fish. It was a seafood fettuccini pesto -alfredo. I mean this stuff was good. I know what you’re thinking…. That doesn’t sound like a wedding dish. You know, you’re right, but it’s our favorite dish! Your wedding is 3 parts what you want, 1 part pleasing the guests. You can take a memorable dish, make it a side, and make it a main dish option. If it’s a buffet style, there you go. I’ve attended many weddings where it’s the standard chicken with rice and greens. I am not on a soap box here, but I honestly can make that at home in less than 30 min, and I don’t have to pay $20+ a plate for it. Take YOUR favorite food and make it a guest at your wedding. Even though it might turn into nosh, not entrée, your guests will be a part of a special memory…

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