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Funky Floral

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Funky Floral
Roses are red, violets are blue, and sugar is sweet….
. . . .Can we have something new?!

Are you tired of seeing the same thing, over and over at weddings? Wonder what is beyond the rose peddles, and calla lilies? Well I am. I went on a mission to find open minded, not often, and original floral ideas. Perhaps you don’t have a wedding coming up, just want something beautiful to centerpiece your next corporate event or luncheon. Here are some amazingly unique ideas.
Let’s Talk about Food baby….

{edible arrangements}

 Idea #1: Edible centerpieces? Edible arrangements are a wonderful idea for a gift. But taking it to a new, artistic, level brings a wonderful, colorful, and fun feeling to your event. Taking strawberries, cherries, and/or raspberries… and making a monochromatic sphere is dramatic and eye catching. These could be hung from the ceiling, a tree or set upon a candelabrum or vase. By hanging these, it could create a focal point for guests to socialize and interact while they pluck the sweet treats off the floating orb. Add fig or grape leaves for a beautiful contrast. Most definitely nothing they have ever seen and making your event a lasting memory.

Idea #2
Welcoming guests to your wedding could be quite a conundrum while they find their names and tables. Instead of the printing out a wall of names and having everyone fight over it, like it’s the last cut for the high school softball team….. Take your favorite fruit and let it take charge. By placing your guests names on the top of _____ - we are using a pomegranate. Not only will this create an adorable home grown feel to your event; let them take the ruby red gifts home. Simple clean up as well!!
Idea #3
 Always think about the post-party. All the money you spend on these beautiful arrangements… where is it going to go at the end of the night… the garbage? Think about letting everyone have a ‘piece’ of the party! Have them clean it up by taking it with them!
Idea #4
filling tall cylindrical vases with water are beautiful! For a summer wedding, green is keen. You can get this beautiful look either with flowers in the vases or by putting in limes whole or cut., then placing the floating candle on top makes not only a custom piece, but is a simple way t o bring a spritz of color into a blank space. By adding the same fruit throughout the party will then create a cohesive feel to your fun. (See Theme-ing Your Wedding).

Artichokes: I ‘Heart’ Them:

Artidea: #1
If you love the opulent look and lines of the awe inspiring Artichoke…. This is an amazing alternative to the expensive chateau de elegance. Take a green Arti…. Primer the heck out of it (my choice white), purple is a wonderful choice as well… take a candelabra primer that as well. Dry. Second coat is a gloss finish to make it look like ceramic. Get the hot glue gun out. Warm that baby up and glue the Arti on the candelabra and whamo! Opulent Arti. Everyone’s going to be in awe at the detail. However, I wouldn’t take these keepsakes home and leave them on the mantel, they are still real artichokes. Please do not eat them either. For one night, and the morning after brunch…. To carry the theme of your day through…. They last.
Artidea #2
The Candle holder. Something you can make to have in your office, or at a swanky Gala! Take one Artichoke. Hollow the center out and cut off the stem. I would suggest spraying it with a heat repellent spray you can buy at your local craft store. However, since an artichoke can withstand high heat tolerance, and if you use a liner, you won’t have to worry. Put a tea size in them or a tall tapered candle in the center (add a drop of glue) and Voila! High ends look for a Podunk price.

{Cheers. . . Till . . . Next week}

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