Friday, August 5, 2011

Where have we been......

I know I know!  It's been like F O R E V E R  since we've posted.  Our excuse ~ our family!!!  We took some time off to spend with the kids and spend quality family time together.  So PLEASE forgive us! 
Here's a little catch up ~

Mary went to the Caribbean with her entire family!!!!  The hours that girls puts in, she was in serious need of a vacation!!!  Knowing her family for as long as I have, I know that it was an amazing trip for them all and what a way to spend the summer ~ on a cruise sailing the Caribbean.  Well, yes she has an amazing tan, and Yes ~ I missed her! 

I went to Oklahoma to see my Mama and family ~ even though it was an unexpected trip and due to a tragic loss, I am grateful that I was with my family during such a difficult time. There is just something about driving down that red dirt road that means peace & comfort is waiting for you ~ along with chaos and dirt stains!!!!  There's always something going on that involves many, many people talking at once, children under, over and all around you, and the weather channel talking about tornado warnings ~ I have a HUGE family and I love them all.

I also went on a work related trip to Las Vegas ~ with a group of children!  Talk about experiencing Las Vegas in a different way!!!!!  It was great to see shows and exhibits that I usually would not have taken the time to see.  We saw The Beattles LOVE, Disney's Lion King, Blue Man Group, The Shark Reef Aquarium, and the Bodies and Titanic exhibits.  Oh, and can't forget the M&M World!!  Wow ~ 4 Stories of M&M's!!  All were fantastic and of course the kids loved Blue Man Group more than anything!!!!!

All dressed up for the show!

Well, We have some exciting images from Elisa and Matt's April wedding at Holman Ranch coming very soon.  We'll also be sharing a glimpse of Jen & Brad's June wedding video!!!   Holy guacamole!!!!  Are you in for a treat!!! 

See you soon!!!!!


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