Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marshmallow Fun Pops

About 3 weeks ago I was with my Mother and daughter, in a Walmart, in Oklahoma, buying my daughter new clothes, since the airline lost her luggage. We came across the most ginormous marshmallows we'd ever seen ~ talk about a quick sparkle in the eye!! For days my daughter, who is 8 with a sweettooth as big as mine, was coming up with reasons and receipes for getting these oversized marshmallows ~ unfortunately the circumstances that took us there didn't give us the time to experiment. She's still talking about them.  SO ~ what a fun surprise this will be for her when I show her this site and tutorial on making these Marshmallow Fun Pops

S'mores are one of my most favorite things to do with the kids ~ for absolutely no reason at all!!! Over the July 4th weekend I tried something a bit different ~ I made smore's pops, using my cooking torch to roast the marshmallows. I had way too much fun making them!!!! :)

I'm thinking it's time to have a party just so I have a reason to make these!! 
Check out this fun site and go have so fun!!
Marshmallow Fun Pops

I can't thank coupon clipping cook enough for sharing this!


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