Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rockstars vs Rock Solid Professionals

There are so many wedding and event blogs out there these days that one can certainly become 1) obsessed, 2) a wedding planner in a day or 3) very confused and overwhelmed.

I've also noticed a huge trend in wedding vendors who are wanting it all.  Really, should a florist take 13 weddings in a single day?  Should a caterer take on 7 weddings in a single day?  What kind of staff is that going to give the client?  And the overall product?  Quality???  I realize that we all have to make a living and support our families ~ but it shouldn't be at the cost of bad business.  Excel in what you do best and give each client the attention and quality that they deserve. 

I read this article yesturday and thought I'd share.  Check it out if you have a minute ~
Rockstars vs Rock Solid Professionals

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