Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday ~ Things We Love

We LOVE destination weddings!!
After months of searching for just the right look and environment for one of our 2011 brides, we've finally got it!  We'll have to save the location for a bit later, but we couldn't be happier for our bride and for the fact that we have this opportunity to work at such an amazing venue! 

Somehow there's always a however involved....... We were surprised to learn of the challenges finding lodging for the family, guests and vendors involved for this event.  While the venue actually offers guest rooms, they are limited in quantity, leaving us in search of off-site, close in proximity, practical and affordable lodging accommodations.  Our search took us from such extremes to pulling in and out of parking lots shaking our heads saying "no no no way" instantly to jaw dropping, posh surroundings potentially unaffordable to many attending.  Persistance paid off and we were able to map and chart a range of lodging selections for all attending.
Lesson to be learned ~ When selecting destination venues, refere to thier preferred and suggested vendor list BUT inspect each with care YOURSELF!  Several of the preferred vendors were unexceptable by our standards and any standards in general.  Weddings are a milestone in life and when choosing a destination venue, the comforts of all attending must be taken into consideration.  The Velvet Society takes pride in our standard practice of research, research, research!  We highly suggest the same to all.
Happy Travels!

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