Wednesday, December 7, 2011

QR Code ~ read our reviews!

FIRST ~ Happy Holidays!!!!  I love that Christmas is getting closer and there is that beautiful spirit that seems be everywhere!!  Love it!  Ok, now on to business!!!

So I'm really trying ~ hard ~ to understand all this technology that is swarming all around!  This is supposed to link you right to Wedding Wire reviews of us!  Cool if this actually works!  Here it goes!!!  Oh ~ and if it doesn't work ~ well, I'll get it figured out sooner or later!  Can I get effort points at least???  Haha!  I'm hoping to have our own QR Code soon to take your directly to our blog!  So cool!

~ xoxo

UPDATE ~ it didn't work!  I'll come back to this after I have some fun doing the easy stuff ~ planning events!!!!!  :) 
~ xoxo

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