Friday, May 6, 2011

Elisa & Matthew

You all know I have mad photo skills by now! Ha ha!!  ~ you should see the deleted ones!!!!  But as promised, here's a little idea of what went down this last weekend in Carmel Valley.  

I'm sure we'll have better images to show you from the real pros soon enough ~ but for now....  

Table assignments were labeled on vintage Pepsi bottles.  We obtained them from a gal in Oregon and Elisa's sister, Jennifer, drove them down for her.  

Flower Girl assistance is sometimes needed!!
Close up of the bottle
We had hand painted directional signs all over.  The gals at Trademark Inspired really did a great job on all print work!
Yes ~ 12 Attendants!!  Stems did all the floral for this event and completely nailed it!  It was a lot of work ~ but so worth it.  We knew exactly what we were getting to make sure it was exactly what the bride wanted.

The perfect shades!!
A second cocktail area set right outside the Carriage House at Holman Ranch proved to be a popular area throughout the evening.  We really love Chic's wood and wine barrel tables!
Mr. & Mrs. Sweetheart table
The wind picked up and we had to make a few last minute adjustments ~ no worries ~ can't fight it!  The Savahna Flatware and Amber Stemware from Classic are my favorite combo.
Over 700 pieces were used on the tables!!!  The linen was in a tight puddle and kept it very whimsical.

Sure there's enough room down the middle for the golf cart!!!!!  We measured!!

The end of a perfect ceremony!
Again ~ more signs!!

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