Friday, January 28, 2011

Bridal Shows

In the wedding industry, we all look forward to what we consider "engagement season".  This is from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day when a majority of couples take the next step in their relationship.  He pops the question ~ she says "yes".  It's such an amazing experience and we love hearing the stories of just how it happened.

During typically slow event months, January and August, the wedding industry pulls together events of their own to showcase their services and products that help brides and their families create the wedding they've always dreamed of.  These bridal shows can be extremely helpful to even the most organized or most creative bride.  Brides can find literally every vendor that they need all in one location and on one day!  Now this can be a bit overwhelming ~ leaving the event with a bag FULL of information, flyers, business cards, promotions, samples, ideas and sore feet!  These shows are worth every penny you pay, generally $10-$15, not only because of the time it saves you searching for some of these products and services, but an actual introduction to the vendors themselves.  

When planning your wedding, you must be able to create your own "A List" of vendors.  It is very important that you do your homework after leaving the shows and not just assume that since a company advertised that they are experienced means they have what you want or need. Anyone can sweet talk you.  Anyone can print whatever they want on their promotional matterials. Does it mean it's the truth?  YOU need to be responsible and find out for yourself.  It is perfectly acceptable to ask for references ~ but if you do, check them out!  Don't sit on the list and assume.  Ask others in the industry about other vendors they prefer to work with, and why.  Professional vendors will be honest with you without talking trash on anyone else.  Ask who they prefer for catering, not do you like this particular caterer.

Be realistic to your budget and to yourself.  You will see many things that you love and have to have at your wedding from these shows.  Admire styles of others, and keep your style for your wedding.  Your wedding should reflect who you and your fiance are as a couple.

Pay attention to who you are hiring, and what you are actually hiring them for.  Do not assume that just because you talked about something means it's part of your contract.  If it's not listed ~ you are not paying for it.  You should not expect vendors to throw in an extra hour of service just because it fits with your schedule.  Would you work for free when your family is home waiting for you?  Maybe ~ depends on the circumstance ~ but be realistic. Vendors are in business and should be respected for the product or service that they provide.  

We are excited to announce that we will, again, participate in The Palatine Bridal Show ~ Sunday, January 30, 2011.  You can get more information on this show at

We encourage every bride to attend bridal shows, it's part of the bridal experience!  Have fun and enjoy this time in your life.  You will see fashion shows, eat great food, taste yummy desserts and meet creative and talented people.  
Choose wisely and enjoy!!

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