Thursday, December 9, 2010

Engagement time!

For most, the holidays bring many things ~ happiness, spiritual inspirations, family gatherings, and much more. But to some, it brings a life changing moment. When he starts talking mushy and you're wondering what's wrong with him!! Yes, engagement season is upon us! The other day I was at Jewel's Unlimited and looking at the amazing peices of art ~ by art I mean jewelry collections. They are fantastic, and of course I wanted just about everything.
I find it only fitting that as event coordinators that specialize in weddings, it is our duty to help a fellow out! I was glad to see that I am not the only one thinking this as I read through other industry blogs this morning. So Fellas, click on links below and thank me later! In no time you'll know exactly what you want for your girl before even getting to the jewelry store.
Visit the Gemological Institute of America online and learn the 4 C's of diamond value. Learn all about the universal grading system and show her you mean business!!
Also check out this bit Colin Cowie put together to also help you out.
Shape & Setting

Regardless of the diamond and shape ~ marriage is about the love.  Enjoy the moments of this exciting time and don't let yourself get overwhelmed.
Remember every detail ~ we'll be wanting to hear all about it soon!!!!

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