Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More on Intentions

As 2009 is quickly becoming a closed chapter in our lives, I've really been concerned about my 2010 Intentions. Not only personal intentions and growth, but my business intentions as well. So as I've been chatting with friends and clients, I've realized many things, but most importantly is that I, among many others, just want to find that equal balance that gives them hope for a better tomorrow and happiness.
I've come upon many others resolutions, or as I will continue to call them ~ intentions, and I'd thought I'd share some of my favs.

1. Do pilates! I've never felt better than when I had a weekly routine. Now that my schedule has changed and I have neglected to include pilates, I feel like crud! #1 on my Intentions list!!

2. Watch at least one sunset and one sunrise every week. Now, if your on Tavarua, Fiji it's much better. So just stop and stare at the fantastic natural daily rythym that is sure to happen and it doesn't cost a thing!!

3. Make time to be creative. Take 10 minutes a day and get inspired!! Time away from your computer is time well spent, and the longer I am away from the screen the more ideas I come up with for new projects and endeavors.

4. Eat well. I know this is easier said than done with the hustle & bustle of our daily lives, but to continue we need to be reminded once again that what we put in our bodies is of the utmost importance.

5. Donate time, money, etc. to organizations that are making the world a better place. Big or small, international or local, there are so many great causes out there that are making positive change. Find a cause you love (or several) and support it in whatever way you can. We all make the excuse that you are too busy to help, or money is just too tight. REALLY! Just put yourself in a different place and really stop to think about how that would feel. I think we could all spare a trip or two to the coffee shop, or in my case ~ a case of DP!!

6. Stop making excusses for EVERYTHING! Own up to your own situations and deal with it like a responsible person.

7. Do good business. I've asked myself so many times why not change my ways, I'd make more money, etc. Call me old-fashioned, but I have integrety, morals and values and will continue to do good business and do right by my clients. I am proud of who I am, what I do and what I bring to the table. Can you say the same ~ I hope so my friends.

8. Smile more.

So that's what I think today!

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